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Arjun Singh 52 years male
Total Shoulder Replacement Surgery

"I was recently scheduled to have a total shoulder replacement, an obviously complex and painful surgery. Prior to the surgery, I spent time researching the best doctors and hopsitals across the country and found Dr. Shitiz Bhardwaj. I traveled from Jhansi,Uttar Pradesh,India, nearly 13 hours, to have Dr.Shitiz Bhardwaj and his professional team conduct my surgery. My surgery went exceptionally well and the compassionate care I received from doctors and staff was remarkable. I could not be happier with the outcome. I want to sincerely thank Dr.Shitiz Bhardwaj and his entire team. Everyone at the medical center who participated with my care was exceptional. I know there were many others who made my stay one of the best. Thank you to all!"

Sunita Arora
SLAP Repair

"While vacationing in manali in 2009 I slipped down 12 wet concrete steps, and landed on my side with my left arm extended over my head. I have been a competitive athlete for about 13 years. After arriving home from vacation I had an MRI and was diagnosed with a SLAP tear (Superior Labrum Anterior and Posterior) of the labrum. Surgery was my only option for a complete recovery.

I did a lot of networking and found Dr. Shitiz Bhardwaj at The ONYX. It is a bit of a drive from Jind, Haryana, but it has been worth it. My desire was to continue competing in Badminton, and thus I had some concerns about my future. My arthroscopic repair surgery was done by Dr. Shitiz Bhardwaj and he knows his job very well. Not only was the surgery a success, my worries were put to rest as everything healed just as it should.

I have been so pleased with the outcome of this surgery; I was equally impressed by the physical therapy department as well.
Thanks to Dr. Shitiz Bhardwaj, I'm able to remain active and competitive. I owe all of my gratitude to him and his entire staff."
Irfan Siddiqui, 25 year male

"I am sending this e-mail as a MAJOR thank you! Every day sense my knee surgery has been a major stride in the right direction. In the 9 months following my surgery I have regained my life and mobility. I am now back at the gym 4 days a week .If it were not for Dr. Shitiz Bhardwaj, I would still be in pain and unable to play, swim, work out, rip, run and do my usual activities. I will never be able able to so thank you enough to you and the staff at your office for what you have given me. I almost forgot what it was like to have no knee pain at all!"
Pankaj Sharma, 27yrs Male
Torn Meniscus Knee Surgery

After seeing Dr. Shitiz Bhardwaj, I was advised to undergo a knee surgery to repair my torn meniscus and clean up the damaged cartilage. At first I didn't want to undergo the procedure, Dr. Shitiz Bhardwaj reassured me that with consistent rehab and dedication to post-surgery recovery I would be back to playing in no time.
After the surgery I made sure to rest my leg, stay on top of icing it, and keep it elevated. During my follow-up appointment Dr. Shitiz Bhardwajgave me the confidence that recovery was coming well, and the strength of my knee was quickly returning. With follow up physical therapy, he said I would be able to return to my work just six weeks from the surgery.

Fortunately with my hard work at the gym and physical therapy, I ended up strong and ready to play. My knee is currently feeling strong, and I continue working out everyday to improve my strength. I am now confident with my knee's performance.
Sumit Aggarwal, 23 Years Male
Meniscal Repair

Being an athlete my whole life, I felt pretty lucky that up until now I had not sustained a major injury that required surgery. All that changed in the summer of 2011 when my knee finally gave out playing tennis. When Dr. Shitiz Bhardwajtold me my knee required meniscus surgery, I replied, "...but the thing is, I have a competition in 56 days!"
My experience with Dr. Shitiz Bhardwajand his staff at ONYX Healthcare far exceeded my expectations. I felt that everyone involved in the process really and truly listened to my needs, fears and goals about the outcome I wanted to achieve. He worked closely with Physical Therapy to help me achieve those goals of coming back to sporting in 6week time. Dr. Shitiz Bhardwajis committed to and understands his patients being an athlete himself. He approaches each of his patients individually and carefully. Thank you Dr. Shitiz Bhardwajand the amazing Physical Therapy staff for listening to my needs and your realistic approach to surgery and recovery!
Sunil Kumar
ACL Repair

On 14 august of 2009 I tore my ACL and damaged my medial meniscus while playing with my friend. As a passionate player I was devastated by the incident as I thought I might never able to play sports the way I like to. Thanks to Dr. Shitiz Bhardwajand his staff at ONYX Healthcare that I am back to running as aggressively as before 2009. Dr. Shitiz Bhardwaj and the staff put me at ease in regards to the surgical process, diligently answering my many questions, and always available to lessen my concerns after the surgery.
Salman Haq, 21 Years Male
Multi ligament Reconstructive Knee Surgery

In may 2007, I met with a motorcycle accident and hurted my right knee badly. My knee was swollen badly and he couldn't walk.
At the hospital, my knee MRI was done andI was told how serious of an injury I had sustained. I had suffered serious trauma to his right knee with multiple torn ligaments... including ACL, his LCL, and PCL. I was told that I would need to undergo massive reconstructive knee surgery.Injuring multiple ligaments can have serious complications. They can disrupt blood supply to the leg. They can also affect the nerves that supply the muscles of the limb.

Immediately I knew that I have to see Dr. Shitiz Bhardwaj. "He had done the knees of my Friend Ashish Seth and he said he was doing great." At the initial consultation, Dr. Shitiz Bhardwajwas very honest about my situation. Dr. Shitiz Bhardwaj suggested repairing the damage with surgery. After 4 weeks of injury Dr. Shitiz Bhardwaj repaired all my ligaments in single sitting. Then I was told to undergo physiotherapy and rehabilitation for 6 weeks

Committed to getting back to normal life, I didn't miss one single physical therapy session for six weeks . I followed every advice given to me for next 3 months. Now I am perfectly fine "I really had no problems considering the severity of my injuries. It hasn't held me back at all. I am ecstatic with my outcome and really grateful to Dr. Shitiz Bhardwaj. Throughout his ordeal,Dr. Shitiz Bhardwaj and his staff, were "awesome." "Dr. Shitiz Bhardwaj is an amazing surgeon and he gives you a real personal connection."

Jagpal Singh, 68 Years Male
Total Knee Replacement

Hi Dr. Shitiz Bhardwaj
Hard to believe, but it's been two full years since my total surgery. You had asked me back then to send you a short progress note. Although this is a bit tardy, I'm just delighted to report that I'm just so happy to be able to everything I want to do in my life. My knee feels great!
Hope you had a time.

All the best to you and the staff,

Sheedharan 68 years male
Knee Replacement Surgery

I was toldI needed a new knee 15 years ago. I had been playing hard on my knees for much of my life, tearing myinterior meniscus while playing.
I put off the surgery as long as he could. For years, I managed my knee pain through anti-inflammatory steroid shots including cortisone injection shots and hyaluronic acid. But after listening to my friends in park where we all offer prayers in morning I knew it was time. They all had knee replacement surgery done by Dr. Shitiz Bhardwaj and were all doing great; Greg and were all doing great.

I was able to schedule my surgery when he knew it would it would have the least impact on my life and business.
My recovery went much better than I expected. "Everyone kept telling me to take it easy, but I was walking within two weeks of surgery." Iwas back to work quicker than I expected. "I surprised a lot of people."

12 weeks after surgery, I am able to attend to my shop much better than before. I am as happy as I could be. More than 90% of Dr. Shitiz Bhardwaj's patient who undergo total knee replacement experience a dramatic reduction of knee pain and a significant improvement in the ability to perform common activities of daily living. I am advised to avoid some types of activity, including jogging and high-impact sports, for the rest of their life. I am so impressed ith his outcome; that I have decided to get my Wife's knees done.
Kartar Singh, 72 Years Male
Total Knee Replacement

For past five years,It was also becoming very difficult to go on walks and go up and down stairs. After several courses of physiotherapy, cortisone shots and regular draining of fluid from the knees, massage by osteopathsmy problem increased so much that I had to consider knee replacements.
It is now three years later and I am again teaching (my profession)and walking normally and doing everything I had done in the past, almost as well as ever.
The most interesting thing is that I used to be very bowlegged. With knee surgery, my legs are now almost straight and my personality is actually better than ever.
Replacement knee surgery is one best choices I have ever made. It has allowed me to resume doing almost every activity I had done in the past almost pain free and with almost no thought of knee problems."
Sunia Vashist, 64 Years Female
Total Knee Replacement

For last 10 years There were problems walking, sitting, pretty much anything that I would do involved pain and lack of range of motion.
I finally had reached my "I can't live like this anymore" moment a year ago and after my retirement in May 2011, having done all my orthopedic research,I made an appointment to see Dr. Shitiz Bhardwaj with my husband and we reached the "so when do you want to schedule the total knee replacement surgery?" question. There was no doubt in my mind, everything was so professional and caring and I felt very positive about the outcome.

The rehabilitation is work, but very well worth all the range of motion I have now gained back, along with my confidence to be able to walk normal, no limping, no giving out, it is just wonderful. I have my life back! I highly recommend Dr. Shitiz Bhardwaj to anyone having problems with their joints due to injuries or arthritis. Dr. Shitiz Bhardwaj is very caring, along with his staff, I could not be happier. Thank you all!
Mr. Suraj Prakash, 67Years Male
Knee Replacement

Hi Dr. Shitiz Bhardwaj,
I just wanted to give you some follow-up on my knee. I cannot thank you enough for helping me. You put my life back on course and revived the functional new knee I had been hoping for. The surgery made all the difference.

I would say that after about 3 months, my knee has been almost normal. It has stopped hurting completely, the swelling is virtually gone, and my ROM is almost as good as the left leg with extension remaining at zero degrees. My knee seems to be working well. I can now do the stairs with no problem, my limp is gone, I have been doing a lot of walking . Nothing much seems to bother it.

Thank you again.
Suraj prakash , Hisar, Haryana
Mohini Singh 65 Years Female

I must admit at outsetthat not only is Dr. Shitiz Bhardwaj a very skilled surgeon with phenomenal outcomes, he has a team that goes above and beyond to care for their patients. Communication to/from them prompt and thoughtful with respect shown for my suggestions. They routinely takeout the time to answer all questions, regardless of how small.

Smt. Pushpa Khurana, 71 Years Female
Knee Replacement Surgery

To Dr. Shitiz Bhardwaj, The Best Doctor "In The Knee Joint"..

I want to apologize for the long delay in getting back to you with my feedback on my new knees. Time flies when you are having a good time and it has been 16 months now since you replaced both my knees AND gave me my active life totally back!
The knees are GREAT, as if I never had arthritis and never had them replaced. I come across many people down here with new knees and none of them, I repeat, none of them have had as good, no make that great, experience I have.

From the moment we discussed and agreed to do both knees at the same time, through the surgery, post op recovery, both in hospital and onwards this has been a piece of cake. As you recall at my 6 month visit I had NO pain and the progress was great. I am now 16 months since surgery and still can say no pain, no setbacks and I am living a fully active lifestyle

Your approach to joint replacement is fantastic! The pre-op physical therapy program you put me on gave me strength and conditioning that played a major role in my success. Remember, I walked into your office to have the staples removed 10 days after surgery WITHOUT a walker or crutches! The post-op physical therapy developed by your team and enabled me to continue on a rapid, pain free recovery and development. I have incorporated many of those exercises into my regular workout routines. My friends were and continue to be amazed at my experience. And, oh yeah, they can't get over the lack of scaring on my knees I tell them it is the work of Dr. Shitiz Bhardwaj, his team. You folks are in an elite class of Orthopedic specialists. I see many people with knee replacements and none have had anywhere close to the experience I have been fortunate to have.
I tell inquiring minds that if they are currently or ever considering joint replacement surgery the need to go see Dr. Shitiz Bhardwaj
As closing this note, I want to again extend my sincere thanks for giving me such a great lifestyle back in the most pleasant experience one could ever have from such a major undertaking.

Vivek malhotra, 24year male
Acl repair

"First of all, I would like to thank you for guiding me through two ACL tears. I really appreciate your work. I think that you are a great doctor. As a result, I recommend you to everyone I know."
Ramesh chander goyal, 71 years male
Total knee replacement

For the past seven or eight years, I have not taken a step without pain. I was so bow-legged that many people made fun of me, especially when I wore shorts. I got operated in June 2006 These problems are not part of my life anymore! My legs are straight, and I can walk or jog without pain. I had the Knee Replacement done on both knees and in less than two months after the last surgery, I was walking normal! Dr. Shitiz Bhardwaj and his staff are truly amazing, and they have changed my life! If you have knee problems, don't hesitate to see Dr. Shitiz Bhardwaj as soon as possible! My knees get better every day, and I am no longer embarrassed by wearing shorts! Thank you, Dr. Shitiz Bhardwaj!
Amar Singh, 69 years male
Total knee replacement

I am extremely pleased with my knee replacement. The entire procedure in including recovery time was about 4 weeks. I hadn't met Dr. Shitiz Bhardwajuntil I came in for the pre-surgery office visit the day before the surgery. We had corresponded via the internet, after I'd initially found his website "kneeandshoulderjoint.com". The surgery was done In may 2011 and I went home from the hospital in 5 days. Overall, there was minimal pain (most of it immediately following the surgery), and just as Dr. Shitiz Bhardwajpromised, I was walking with full weight on the knee the day I left the hospital. The relief I've received from this knee has in fact made walking on my other knee much easier. I'm also looking forward to having the same procedure performed on my other knee in May2013.

Chetan madholiya, 29 years male
Recurrent Dislocation Shoulder

"In February of 2011 I decided to learn dancing. I was a fit 29 year old guy. On the third day of dancing I caught an edge on a gentle slope and fell on my right shoulder. My shoulder just poped out. I felt a severe pain. My dislocation was located back in my dancing schoolby my friend, Rajan Malhotra who also had dislocation 5 years back. I avoided seeing any doctor for 1year but my Shoulder came out 3 times in 1 year time. Last time it came out I was in swimming pool, life guard at pool rescued me and then I realised how important was to get it fixed.

Another friend , Mohit Chauhan me about Dr Shitiz Bhardwaj. He had had surgery for knee problem.Rajan also got his sholder fixed byDr Shitiz Bhardwaj. I went to see Dr Shitiz Bhardwajin Jaipur Golden Hospital, Rohini. From the minute I arrived at the office I was treated with concern, professionalism and courtesy by the staff. My injury was explained to me in detail and the options were clearly laid out.

Dr Shitiz Bhardwajexplained that my injury required surgery if I wanted normal function. He said "we can do it next week." I had the surgery done by him. The Hospital provided excellent and compassionate care. After a couple of months I was back to performing normal activities. Now, that a year has gone by I feel extremely lucky to have found Dr Shitiz Bhardwaj. I am riding my motorcycle and intensely working out. I test myself by comparing my weight lifting before and after surgery and I am 99% back.

Dr. Millett is a magician as a surgeon, but he has none of the arrogance or impatience people generally associate with great surgeons. He sits down with his patients and makes sure they understand their procedures and potential outcomes. The staff at the clinic is also great. They even go to bat for their patients with their insurance carriers. Even though I am not a professional athlete, I feel I got the royal treatment from Dr Shitiz Bhardwajand his staff and I'd bet all his patients feel the same way. "
Priya Ranjan Reddy, 65 year male


Mohan Prasad, 70 yrs, Male
Post TKR Arthroscopy

"Dr Shitiz Bhardwajrestored the quality of my life. He is the epitome of a medical professional—extremely competent, highly knowledgeable, committed to his field, and ethical. My saga started with an total knee Replacement. The Operation resulted in a stiff, painful knee that would not bend. This severely limited my life. The original surgeon who performed the repair assured me that things would get better with continued 'hard work,' but this was not the case.

After months, I searched the Internet for information about what might be going on. After much reading, I thought I was probably suffering from arthrofibrosis The web site referred me to specialists for this condition and I chose Dr Shitiz Bhardwaj. I was terrified to have another surgery, but Dr Shitiz Bhardwajsuggested that I would benefit from a surgery where the scar tissue would be removed, followed by extensive physical therapy and rehabilitation He patiently answered my many questions about the procedure.
The surgery went great and two weeks after, I was walking normally. This is something I could not have done previously. I spent time in physical therapy and was able to recover completely. I never thought this would be possible and it would not have been possible without Dr Shitiz Bhardwaj's knowledge and help. I believe that I would have progressed to permanent disability without his intervention. I am therefore forever grateful to Dr Shitiz Bhardwajfor giving me my life."

Lakhan chand, 55years male
Subacromial Decompression Surgery

"The highest compliment which can be paid to a surgeon is to call him a surgeon's surgeon. This is how I would describe Dr Shitiz Bhardwaj. His surgical skills are elegantly blended with an affable, compassionate manner, and he is self-critical to the degree that he is always trying to improve his craft. His fellow surgeons recognize this and therefore are pleased to seek him out as their provider. Dr Shitiz Bhardwaj is recognized on a National and International Level for his care of patients with shoulder problems. I would be happy to send him any member of my family either for management of a routine or a complex problem of the shoulder."
Raj Shokeen , 34 years male
Meniscal Repair Surgery

Having been diagnosed with a torn meniscus and recommended to have a meniscectomy , I was very concerned about the prospects for arthritis in later life and sought a second opinion at the Steadman Clinic. I was impressed with the amount of time spent on diagnosis, including a thorough investigation of my current level of physical activity and my aspiration for physical activity in the future. The conclusion was that a repair seemed feasible if I was committed to a long process of rehabilitation. Dr Shitiz Bhardwaj was able to repair the meniscus and I am, after 6 months, back to a high level of performance in all the sports I previously pursued